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Working with requests

Working with requests

What categories of requests exist?

Any exhibition implies direct communication between its participants and visitors, and the online exhibition Enex is no exception. Our platform allows you to ask any question directly tool manufacturer, technical specialist or herself platform, if the issue is General or related to the peculiarities of the online exhibition and the purchase of goods on it.

what is a question to a technologist?

Qualified technologists will help you choose the product that will best meet your needs, contribute to the optimal use of your company's resources and achieve the maximum effect in performing the task. If you are not sure which tool is right for you, just describe your problem and send a message to the technician. After pre-processing by the moderator, it will be sent to the employee who specializes in the corresponding tool group. Please note that technologists are highly specialized specialists and work with such nomenclature groups as metal cutting, carbide tools and machine tools and tooling, where, in order to choose the right tool, you need to have specialized knowledge.

Can I submit a request for testing?

If you want to conduct comparative tests of the tool you are interested in, you can submit a request using a special form. This feature is provided to users registered as a legal entity. This option is only available for certain product categories recommended by the manufacturer. However, each test request is reviewed on an individual basis by both the manufacturer and Enex technical specialists.

How do I contact the manufacturer directly?

You can address any question you are interested in directly to the manufacturer using the appropriate form. At the exhibition, each manufacturer has their own personal account and independently performs any operations, as if they did it on their own website. The message you sent will be instantly displayed in their personal account, and you will be able to continue communicating with the plant employee.

What should I do if the product is not available for purchase?

In addition, you can send a request to the manufacturer to sell the product, since a number of manufacturers have restricted their products from purchasing at the exhibition without prior request. This applies mainly to foreign companies that have specific requirements for selling their products in Russia. After receiving this request, the manufacturer independently decides on the possibility of selling this product, which you will be informed about in the response message.

What other questions can I ask?

You can also send any questions you are interested in to the Enex exhibition platform itself. They can concern both the participants of the exhibition and the products they present,as well as the specifics of the exhibition. For your convenience, we have combined frequently asked questions in the category and posted them in the corresponding section of the site. It may be useful to you, and you can quickly find the answer to your question there.

How can I track responses to requests?

All requests, regardless of their category, are assigned a unique number. You can use it to track the status of your email and, if necessary, always return to the questions you asked earlier. For your convenience, the messages sent are divided into categories - questions to the manufacturer, questions to the technologist, questions to the platform, test requests, and purchase requests.