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Enex is a marketplace and online exhibition for tool manufacturers.
The Enex catalog contains more than 600 manufacturers and more than 200 000 products in demand  from industrial and commercial companies.

What does Enex give?

SEO and promotion of your products in search engines

Additional targeted traffic, increase in applications and sales

Increase traffic to your website

Your brand among leading manufacturers (Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Kärcher and others)

Direct dialogue between buyers and manufacturers on commercial and technical issues

Building partnerships with industry peers

For businesses of any size

Enex is for manufacturers and trading companies of any size and any form of ownership.
You can be an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity, a small tool manufacturing plant in accordance with GOST, a trading company without production, or a European corporation with a strong brand.

Small productions
Large factories
World brands

Visitors of the Enex exhibition are
people and companies with different tasks

Employees of industrial enterprises
Buyers of trading companies
Experts in related industries

Your items can be found

representatives of industrial and trading companies in various fields of activity

Listing your product on Enex is easy

You can use Enex both for direct sales and for displaying your products and receiving applications for marketing purposes. You can turn on the ability to purchase goods at any time
Add products to the site
Use Enex as a showcase and save on advertising
Easily manage orders and requests
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Delivery options

If you have a warehouse, a pick-up point or a store, 

but there are no resources for organizing transportation in order to be sold throughout Russia

Place your products
in a warehouse, shop or office

Enex arranges delivery through the shopping center "Delovye Linii" or DHL.
You just have to prepare the ordered goods in your warehouse or bring it to the nearest terminal of "Delovye Linii" or DHL.

The transport company will deliver the goods to the buyers,
and we will control everything 

If you already have both a warehouse and well-established logistics —

use Enex only as a showcase for your goods.

Place items in your warehouse, store or office.

Collect and deliver orders yourself.

Organize delivery by your logistics or any transport company.

Sellers about the marketplace

Alexey A, ROMEK NN

Marketplace Enex is a dynamically developing platform. With the help of an active team and a precise goal, Enex has achieved tangible results. Following the example of our company, I can say that our products are recognized by consumers who have not heard about us before, which has a positive effect on development, and also increases the share of commercial interest. Moving forward is power!


Alexey F., Micron

Enex attracted our company as one of the most promising marketplaces for the instrument. As part of the brand promotion services, our catalog consisting of several thousand products was promptly uploaded. As a result, we receive a lot of applications from the b2b segment and referrals to our site.


Alexey N., Kirzhachsky Tool Plant

The Enex online exhibition of toolmakers is a first-class project, the development of which we observe with admiration and take part with pleasure. The passionate team behind this project is working very hard to achieve excellence in what they do - it's great and contagious. Our company kindly envy the energy, youth and optimism of the Enex project, their ability to see the future and achieve amazing results.

Kirzhach Tool Plant

Anastasia Ch., PF Russian Instrument

Not so long ago, we started cooperation with Enex, we are testing it as an additional sales channel. An interesting alternative to all well-known marketplaces, but specifically focused on the instrumental market, and what is important for the B2B segment.

PF "Russian Instrument"

Mikhail M., TNT Air

In the summer of 2022, 100 products from our catalog were unloaded as part of the free plan.

After that, they began to receive applications, and also recorded more transitions to our site.

We plan to order promotion services from Enex so that our brand, the entire catalog and current news were broadcast to the target audience as much as possible.


Natalia, PetroInstrument

We use the Enex site as a marketing channel in Russia and abroad, since our catalog is shown on the site to the target audience in both Russian and English. The site also brings commercial dividends, thanks to periodic orders from it.


Learn to work with Enex in 30 minutes

In order for your catalog to appear on the site, you need to fill out a catalog file template.
Read the instructions - and learn how to place your products in the Enex catalog, start selling and organize communication with customers.

In order for your catalog to appear on the site, you need to fill out a catalog file template.

Read the instructions - and learn how to place your products in the Enex catalog,

start selling and organize communication with customers.

Don't have time to study instructions?

Provide your catalog in any form to the portal employees. As part of the paid brand promotion format, we ourselves will correctly and completely process any of your catalogs for uploading to the site and will monitor its updates.
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How to improve efficiency?

As part of a paid tariff, we offer a range of works to improve the efficiency of your participation in the exhibition

Brand content, news publication

Parsing and updating the catalog

SEO work to increase views

Advertising on the main page, catalog

Lead generation

High positions in search results

Promotion on Enex affects views both on and off the Enex site.
Products of our members get on the first pages of search results.
Download the presentation and see how it works.

Frequently asked questions

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Can Manufacturer limit the selling of his goods through the platform before Buyers can meet his requirements?
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