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Frequently Asked Questions

From Buyer
Is there any guide to working in my personal account?

You can watch the video that describes the work in your personal account:

How much should I pay for access to the platform?
Access to the platform is free of charge. You only need to register.
Can I buy products as one order at the same time from several manufacturers?
Yes, the order which includes products from several manufacturers will be split and sent to the respective manufacturers. You can track the status of the order and its sub-orders by manufacturers in your personal account.
How can I form a basket for an existing request (particular tool list)?
You can upload your request file with tool list at your personal account. The platform itself will create a basket of the nomenclature presented at the exhibition in accordance with your list. The detailed instruction can be found at your personal account at respective section.
How can we manage a work if we have a purchasing department in our company, and a few people need access to the platform?
When registering as a Buyer on the platform, it is possible to provide differentiation of access rights for different employees of the same company. The employee who registering the company as a Buyer acquires the rights of the main account, which subsequently has the right to add other accounts to the company.
Who can I ask any questions?
The buttom called “Communications” provides an opportunity to ask questions to the following recipients: directly to the manufacturer, the exhibition itself or the technologist. If your question is directed to a specific manufacturer, you need to fill out the form to send it. If you have questions about the exhibition or your account, then select the option "Question to the platform". If you have a technical question on the work of any tool, then fill out the form “Question to the technologist”.
From Manufacturer
Can a trading company become a participant of exhibition?
Unfortunately not. The exhibition presents only direct manufacturers of the tool.
What are the terms of participation and where can be found the agency agreement?
Fill out the application form for registration. After processing the information, an Enex employee will contact you and answer all your questions.
Is there any guide to working in my personal account?

You can watch the video that describes the work in your personal account:

Do we need a special employee who will oversee the work with the platform?
Of course, it is better to have a responsible emploee from Manufacturer to work with the platform. However, this work does not take much time and can be combined with daily duties. Each Manufacturer has its own profile, which contains information about the company and its products. Data editing is carried out directly by the responsible emploee. The process of uploading goods information on the platform is automated. For all work at the platform there are appropriate instructions. If necessary, Enex employees will provide consulting support to both the Manufacturer and its customers.
How can a participant of the exhibition show main information about his company?
Each participant of the exhibition has his own page for editing, where he can write basic information about the company, add photos and videos. Also, each Manufacturer can share news and promotions of the company.
Can Manufacturer limit the selling of his goods through the platform before Buyers can meet his requirements?
Manufacturers have the opportunity only to demonstrate their products, independently limiting the possibility of their purchase. Sale will be possible only if a Buyer meets Manufacturer's requirement.
Who is responsible for delivery from Manufacturers?
All logistics will be organized by the Enex exhibition in coopiration with transport companies and DHL.
Can a participant of the exhibition himself purchase products of other Manufacturers?
Yes it is possible. To do this, a participant of the exhibition must register his company as a Buyer as well.
From New User
What are the main advantages Enex provides for Buyers and Manufacturers?
The main advantages of the Enex exhibition for its participants can be found on the “Work Scheme” page
What opportunities does the exhibition provide for my company as a Buyer?
Being a registered Buyer, any company can order tools directly from Manufacturers, communicate with Manufacturers through the platform, create a personal company page and use other exhibition tools like tool testing, creating a basket based on the loaded request for tool list, creating extra accounts for different employees of the procurement, creating a template for order, a purchase reminder and much more. You can read more in the FAQ section "From Buyer".
What opportunities does the exhibition provide for my company as a Manufacturer?
As a registered participant of the exhibition, any Manufacturer has its own profile (personal account) in which it can add information about the company and its products, which can be purchased directly by visitors of the virtual exhibition. You can read more in the FAQ section "From Manufacturer".

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